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About Us

The voucher solution for Manx businesses is the brainchild of Wendy Campbell and Neil Shooter. Our aim is to provide safe and secure gift vouchers for a wide range of local businesses whether it be in retail, workshops, adventure or many other sectors. It’s a gateway for advertising and purchasing the perfect gift. We work together with businesses to promote and increase their sales and are open to new ideas for the perfect gift voucher.

Having thought long and hard about buying our friends a wedding gift with a difference we decided to buy them a gift voucher from four different local restaurants. We knew they loved to eat out so it was the perfect gift for them and also very thoughtful on our part. Four phones calls, two trips out in the car, two vouchers arriving days apart and we finally had our wedding present ready. It was at this point we thought there must be an easier way.

And now there is the Islands one stop shop for gift vouchers and experiences.

By offering a local web based portal for Manx businesses to sell their voucher we are ensuring this money stays within the Manx economy.