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Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is unique. It packs a massive punch and always punches above its weight. It’s rich in thousands of years of culture. It’s a thriving nation with world class facilities such as the Financial and Telecommunications industries and much more. It evolves and adapts to whatever is thrown at it. As the Manx 3 legs of Man symbol motto translates ‘Whichever way I am thrown I will stand’.

Above all it’s a proud nation. Sometimes day to day living can distract you from what an amazing journey this small Island is on. Take a look at the facts, figures and history and where we are now. It’s a truly inspiring story for such a small Island. So yes we are unique, yes we are forward thinking and yes let’s celebrate this and support each other whether through buying gift vouchers from Manx companies or simply saying hello to the next person you pass on the street.

We have all read, learnt or heard at sometime about the culture and history of Mann. If you really think about it, step back for a minute, pause and reflect. You can only be astounded at what we really have here, history, scenery, language, culture, castles, adventure, motor sport, diversity of people,  the list goes on and linking it all together a thriving community of local businesses that need our support.